Christmas Decorations Wishlist â›„️

So guys since it’s the week where everyone starts to decorate there house I thought I would do a Christmas Decorations wishlist. These are just products that I have found online and loved. Hope you enjoy it ☺️

This post is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned below.

The Sophie Alport Woodland Print Christmas Stocking is on the top of my list because I love this stocking. It’s probably one of my favourite ones that I’ve found online. This is available from John Lewis for £12 per stocking.


The Emma Bridgewater Christmas Joy Candle has been added to the list because Emma has to be one of my most favourite designers out at the moment. This is available from John Lewis for £18 per candle.


The Three Creamic Owl Hanging Christmas Decorations are such an unusual Christmas Decoration and I fell in love with them. I would love to put them onto our tree at home. They are available from Debenhams Ireland for €12 per set.


The Harrods Jasper Christmas Bear is the most cutest bear that I found online that’s to do with Christmas. It’s expensive but I love it. It’s available from Harrods for £24.95 per bear.


The Medium Decor White Reindeer is a perfect inside the house decoration to any house but epically with homes that have kids. This is available from Target for $8.00


Guys I can’t promise that all the products mentioned above are the same price as when I wrote up this blog but it should be around the same price.


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