Stephens Green Christmas Market Review ðŸŽ„

I was in the city centre of Dublin about two weeks ago and I wanted to go to see if the Christmas Market was worth a trip when I have some cash for presents and all that as I don’t live in Dublin.

I arrived at about 2pm on a Wednesday which meant that it wasn’t really busy and I didn’t have to queue which I heard that people were queuing for hours to get in over the weekend. It is free to go into and have a look, thank god because it was definitely not worth money. It goes from the main entrance of Stephens Green to the Shelbourne Hotel.

When you first walk in there is food, drink and sweet stalls. The food ranges from burgers to crepes but are really expensive. But if you were hungry you could just go down to Grafton Street and get a McDonalds or whatever for cheaper. There is plenty of food stalls which I thought it was over powering. In the Christmas Spirit there was mulled wine as well as soft drinks, tea and coffee.

As you moved down there was music playing and the stalls were on your right in log cabins. There were stalls with hats&scarfs, plates&cups, Christmas Decorations, Elf on the shelf and Fairy Doors. Most of them was made in Ireland but were terribly expensive for a Christmas fair.

At the end of the line of the stalls, there were more food stalls which I thought was not needed as there was about 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom. I spent about 2O minutes tops in there and bought nothing. If you are thinking about heading down I would go to the one in the IFC or Merrion square.



4 thoughts on “Stephens Green Christmas Market Review ðŸŽ„

  1. Deirdre says:

    Agree totally! What a shame, it should have been a little gem in the city!!
    Maybe the organisers will research it better for next year!


  2. The Voguish Vagabond says:

    I totally agree, really disappointing. I thought it was actually gonna be in the park so it would be lovely to walk around. Having to fight your way down a narrow path of 95% food stalls def doesn’t invoke the Xmas spirit! Nice post 🙂


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