Irish Beauty Bloggers Meet Up πŸŒŸ

So guys me and a few other people are planning a big meet up where we are hoping to get businesses to do stands and sales etc and then hoping to go for dinner; not everyone has to go for dinner as they wont do the dinner in the ballroom so we’ll have to go into the restaurant and will be an extra cost. It’ll be around March/April.

The venue is the Ospery Hotel and Spa in Naas County Kildare as they have some amazing facilities. This will be a ticket only event and tickets are priced at €20 to cover the room and equipment.

We have asked Inglot, Boots, Catrice, Essence, Coca Brown and Fuschia at the moment! We will be asking more people as it comes.

If you are interested comment below & share this.

If you have any questions please tweet me @thatsobekaah.



32 thoughts on “Irish Beauty Bloggers Meet Up πŸŒŸ

  1. Edel Godfrey says:

    Count me in for sure. 😘 If you need any help organising it I’d love to help out as I want to get into event management and blogging this year.

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