Top 4 Brands That I Have To Try!

Sick I’ve become interested in beauty products and blogging there are a few brands that I would love and want to try since I will have money coming in since I’ve started a new job this week.

Benefit is a big one since everyone goes on how amazing there products are and how much they love them. There’s a number of products that I would love to try from there range including the mascara and lip hydrators. This definitely isn’t a cheap brand so I’ll be getting each product one by one.


NYX Cosmetics is a relatively new brand to Ireland and is the type of make up that I love. There has been so many amazing reviews on there products and my friends have recommend some products of theres for me. I’m really interested in the eye and lip products. I have no clue where in Ireland stocks them but I’ll find somewhere close to me.


Gosh Cosmetics are another drugstore brand that I would like to add to my collection. I’ve used the primer before and it’s amazing so I hope there other products have the same quality as it.


Inglot Cosmetics is another big brand that I want to try. I have a the pro blending sponge and I love it. All that I have seen online is amazing reviews. So I’ll be trying them out once I have enough cash.


let me know what you think of the brands mentioned above as I would love to hear your reviews about them & also what is your top 4 brands that you would like to try!


3 thoughts on “Top 4 Brands That I Have To Try!

  1. Gracey says:

    I LOVE Inglot! I recently did a big swatch fest post on my Inglot palettes, they’re such great shadows… I actually prefer them to MAC! NYX is great too, I have a few of their products (their lipliners, matte lipstick and taupe blush for contour are great!) but I’m mad to try their butter glosses! Stay Flawless primer and their box blushes are my Benefit must haves.. they’re definitely pricey, but I get mine in Cara Pharmacy or in Debenhams when they do the 10% off on beauty days! 🙂


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