Irish Beauty Blogger Event Tickets

This is the post that you all have been waiting for! This will be explaining what will be going on, on the day and the tickets etc. ☺️

We have confirmed that its going to be in The Ball Room at the Osprey Hotel and Spa in Naas, County Kildare. It will be start at 12pm and I have no clue what time it will finish at as it all depends on how many people and who we get to speak. We are hoping to have it on either the 21st of March or the 4th of April 2015. When you are emailing please don’t forget to include what day suits you best as they both are Saturday’s!

The tickets are €20 to cover the room cost and the speakers/goodie bags, which I think is quiet reasonable for what we are planning. The tickets will be a first come, first served basis and when there gone, there gone. The €20 doesn’t cover dinner or if you are staying the night it doesn’t cover the room you are book either.

Some of us are planning on going for dinner and staying the night so if you are interested in that please include it in the email that you send as I’m trying to get deals on the rooms.

If you want a ticket please email with your details and all of the information that I have mentioned above.

We look forward to hear from you x


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