My Winter Favorites!

So since its heavily into winter I thought I would do my winter favorites! I know I did this on my other blog but I wanted to extend it as I’m not using that blog anymore. So here are my winter favorites;

The Costa Hot Chocolate has to be my top winter favorite as its the only hot drink that I drink and its delicious with cream and marshmallows! It has to be my festive drink!

Next Favorite has to be the onesie! You have to have a onesie during winter, its a must need. They keep you so nice and cosy and you can get them for about €10 in Primark!

My next winter favorite has to be the Beanies! Even tho they are great for wearing any time of the year but they are amazing for winter fashion as you can get one to match nearly any colour these days!

The big favorite of mine has to be the Fluffy Socks you can get in Primark at this time of the year! I buy fluffy socks every time I go into Primark because they are amazing and keep your feet so warm during the cold days!

The next winter favorite has to be Homemade Soup especially my Mum’s as its so nice on a very cold day and its really healthy for you!

I hope you all enjoyed my winter favourites!



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