Janoskians Experience! 🙊

So guys I thought that I would do a different post tonight about my experience with the Janoskians! If you don’t know who they are they are a comedy group/youtubers from Australia.

So it all started when we went to see them in the Olympia in Dublin on their first night as I only got tickets the night before. My friend then left me and then I had to find somewhere to stay in Dublin so I decided to go to the four seasons in Ballsbridge. They wouldn’t let me in until I booked a room so I booked myself a room €360 for a room for one night which I thought was crazy at this stage I didn’t know that they were staying there but then I seen and heard an Aus accent so I was like omg I know that voice and it was Jai and Beau Brooks.

My card rejected but the door man left me stay in the lobby as I had no where to stay. I then sat down and went out the smoking area as I knew they were out there. They asked us for a fag so they got given one. Then we started talking and I went inside cause it was so cold. They came back down 1 hour later and was in the bar, I got myself a drink and sat back outside in the lobby. Jai kept on going by and saying ‘hello’ and smiling all the time. About an hour later they were obviously drunk because they were running around the hotel and I followed. There was security and hotel staff chasing us but kept on loosing us. A bit more happened but we won’t get into that.

I dunno if I should say anything about night two so this post might be updated in the future! 🙊


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