Forever Living Review #1 ðŸ’„

In the first week of blogging I had two lovely people from Forever Living that sent me samples from there make up range and the other ranges. This post will be the make up range which was sent to me by Ann. I am so grateful for receiving these.

The Sonya Serum I actually loved the smell of this product. It gave my skin an amazing glow and hydrated my skin really well.

The Brilliant Blush shade I got sent was the Mia 392 which I found pretty dark for what I like but it went on perfectly and gave me a glow. I would try the 390 bella or the 393 Sofia if I was to get this again. The price is €20.91.

The Balancing Cream was a bit oily for my liking as my skin can be very oily. It also smelt like bubbles. The price of this is €34.33

The Mineral Make Up was my favourite product that I got sent out of this batch. It gives amazing coverage and glow. I got sent the 411 Natural Shade but I have a real pale skin tone so if I was to go for it again I would of went for the 410 Light Shade. This is €29.52.

The Relaxtion Body Lotion was another favourite that I got sent. I loved the smell of it and the shine that it gave my skin.

The Delicious Lipstick which I got given the sample of the shade Plum Plum 435 which was a bit dark for my liking but it went on amazingly. If I was to get this again I would get the 406 Watermelon or the 403 Cherry Red.

I will have a post 2 up with the other batch of samples that I got sent in the near future! So keep an eye out!



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