My Daily Make Up Routine 💄

Hey guys! Since I haven’t done a post about my daily make up routine and people have asked me to do a post so here it is!


Nivea Moisturiser – is what I apply to my skin first as I have really dry skin and it helps it so much.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer – is something that I have to use all the time. I don’t apply a lot, I just apply an even amount to make sure the base is enough which helps me to apply the foundation and makes it last.

MAC Foundation – is my current foundation. I don’t apply a lot because I don’t like my foundation being heavy. I apply a small bit and then if I need too I would apply more.

Real Techniques Foundation Brush – is what I use to apply my foundation every now and again. I don’t use this a lot as I prefer sponges.


Catrice Eye Liner – I use a pencil for my bottom lid as I’m no good at liquid eyeliner! I apply an even amount on each side. I normally just use black or brown.

Naked Basics Palette – is what I’ve been using for my eye shadow these couple of weeks. I always use two colours and blend them together.

Catrice Mascara – this is the last bit that I apply. I apply this is my lower lid first and then my top lid. I always use a black mascara.


Kate Moss Matte by Rimmel Lip Stick – I always apply this last. I normally go for a pink or red colour.

MAC Lip Gloss – I normally put this under my lipstick. I just find it looks better!



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