Beauty // Top Tips ðŸ‘„

Hey guys! Since I haven’t done a beauty tips post I thought I would start a little series of posts that have them! I will be doing 10 tips every week until I run out of tips! These tips are my own and ones that I have followed.

1) Keep your summer make up to a minimum as when it’s hot outside and in humid conditions.

2) Allow two fingers from your nose to where you apply blusher.

3) Always make sure your skin is hydrated by drinking a lot of water and using a good moisturiser.

4) To make your cheekbones look big and higher use the highlighter on the bone and bronzer under the bone.

5) Use an exfoliator to get rid of dry skin up to 4 times a week, not more as it will ruin the skin.

6) Always take your make up going to bed.

7) Do not wash your hair everyday because it will make your scalp produce more oils which will make your hair look greasy!

8) Always change your skin care routine with every season.

9) Do not apply to much make up as ‘ Less is more’.

10) Never apply foundation heavily as you don’t want to look orange.

These are the first top 10 beauty tips! I will have another post out before the new year on tips so I hope these help people!

I would like to know your top tips in the comments below!



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