Lifestyle // 5 Truths About Relationships πŸ‘«

So I’ve decided to do a section of the blog once a week of 5 Truths/Things about whatever!

#1 Relationships ain’t Simple Everyone needs to realise each person needs to put as much effort in as the other person!

#2 Communication is Important
Communication is a big factor in relationships. You need to be able to talk to each other if you all have any problems and not hold it in as it can have consequences on a relationship!

#3 People Change
This is something no person can control. People change and they come and go, it’s life. You just have to move on.

#4 Once a Cheater, Always A Cheater
If the person has cheated on their ex, there is a high chance that he or she will cheat on you again.

#5 You Cant Stay Just Friends
Two people that have been in a long term relationship they can’t just be friends. It’s just gonna turn out bad and you’ll loose the person and possibly other people. It’s better to move on and forget about it.

I hope all my readers have had an amazing Christmas this year!


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