Beauty // Top Tips #2 ðŸ’…

This is post number two of my top beauty tips that I use and follow!

– The right red shade of lipstick will light up you’re hair, eyes and skin straight away.

– Use concealor on your eye lids as it will absorb oil and the eyeshadow will last.

– Always exfoliate before applying fake tan.

– If your nail varnish is chipped add glitter on top of it.

– take 1 to 2 pain killers before you get waxed to stop it hurting as much.

– Best time to apply creams is after the shower as your skin won’t be oily.

– Apply waterproof, lengthening formula of mascara before applying volumizing mascara.

– Make sure you wash your make up brushes every two weeks.

– If you want smaller eyes, apply eye liner to your lower lid only.

– always apply a good primer as a base because it will make it easier to apply and will make it last longer.

I hope this post was helpful to you all! I will have another top tips post next week!


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