Personal // My Goals For 2O15 🎉

So guys since it’s the last day of 2O14 I thought one of my last posts would be my goals for 2O15! As people know I’ve been blogging for a month tomorrow so it’s mad how far I’ve come but this is my goals !

1) I really would like to reach about 2O,OOO views on my blog by the end of the year.

2) I want to reach 4OO followers on this blog and bloglovin.

3) I want to find a sponsor for the blog for a few months at each time in 2O15.

4) I want to be able to make a living from this blog.

5) I want to get my own domain!

6) I would love to become partnered with some companies!

7) To concentrate more on my YouTube videos and get that up and running.

8) Collaborate with some amazing bloggers and youtubers.

9) Go to plenty of more blogger events around ireland starting in February!

So guys that are my goals so far for the 2O15 season but I’ll prob have more so I’ll add it to it over the next few days!



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