Tips // For New Bloggers

Hey Guys!
Sorry for the lack of posts but people have asked me to do tips for new bloggers as I’ve been successful in the month of me blogging on here! These are just what I’ve done and they’ve worked for me.

1) Pick a URL That People Will Remember if the url isn’t easily rememberable and hard to pronounce etc people are most likely not remember your blog but it also has to be unique and represent a part to you.

2) Layout a bright and life layout will help you so much as people will come back as its happy and cheerful.

3) Writing with the writing of the blog you need to be personal and relatable for your readers. If you don’t write to relate to people and that they most likely won’t come back as it’s not in their street but obviously you won’t relate to all your readers at the same time.

4) Platform the platform that you use is so important. I myself have used blogger and WordPress and I would just stay away from Tumblr as that’s more for pictures and you won’t see your traffic etc. I would go for WordPress better then blogger as you definitely get more traffic through it.

5) Events as a new blogger you should really go to blogger events near you as it will help you build your platform and hopefully get help for other bloggers! And you might even Collab with some bloggers

6) Collaborating if you can collaborate with some other bloggers this will also help your platform. I am willing to Collab with people so email me at

I hope you enjoyed and this was helpful! It’s my first time doing something like this so I hope it’s helpful. If you have any more questions please email me at


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