Personal // 1O Facts About Me ðŸ™‹

Hey guys! Since I haven’t done a facts about me post I thought I would do one!

1) I am 21 years old, was born on the 22-O9-1993 in Dublin, Ireland.

2) I have only recently gotten into make up, before November I didn’t really have an interest in it.

3) I am big tech head, I’m big into computers and phones.

4) I am addicted to cheese, anyone that knows me knows that I eat a load of dairy products.

5) I did a two year course with FETAC called Horsemanship which is to do with horses.

6) My other interests would include Animals, Equestrian and Photography.

7) I am big into Animal Rights.

8) I actually have had three jobs but I’m currently not working at the moment.

9) Within the past month that I’ve been blogging I’ve been available to do such mazing things!

10) I actually hate text language.



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