Lifestyle // Top 3 Places To Visit In Dublin

So to change things up a bit I thought I would do the Top 5 Places To Visit if you are ever in Dublin, Ireland. I am from Dublin myself so this is what my Top 5 Places would be!

  1. Kilmainham Gaol – is a past prison which it opened in 1976 and closed in 1924. There is so many former prisoners in this prison from the government at the time and famous people including; Michael Collins, James Connolly, Joseph Plunket and Eamon de Valera. Many films were here including; The Italian Job, The Whistle Blower and Michael Collins. I always love visiting this place as I am big into the 1916 Rising and Michael Collins.
    download (2)
  2. Guinness Storehouse – This was constructed in 19O2. The building was used continuously as the fermentation plant of the Brewery until its closure in 1988. In 1997, it was decided to convert the building into the Guinness Storehouse, replacing the Guinness Hop Store as the Brewery’s visitor centre. The redesign of the building was undertaken by the UK-based design firm Imagination in conjunction with the Dublin-based architects firm RKD, and the Storehouse opened to the public on 2 December 2000. I haven’t actually visited here myself but apparently its supposed to be amazing!
  3. Dublin Zoo – is based in Phoenix Park on the edge of the city. It is the largest zoo in Ireland and one of the biggest attractions here. It opened in 1831 and is based on 69 acres. The zoo itself is divided into the sections; World of Cats, World of Primates, The Kaziranga Forest Trail, Fringes of the Artic, African Planes, Birds, Reptiles, Plants, City Farms and Endangered Species. This is one of the places you should go and visit when you are in Dublin. It is a place where I would go all the time if I could. You would want to go early as it can be busy but there are feeding times and lectures you can go and see also.

I hope this helps some of you that wants to travel to Ireland at some stage!


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