Lifestyle // Things Equestrians Do Say

Hey Guys! I thought I would do a special post on my other hobby Equestrians & Horse Riding, so I’m going to do a post on things Equestrians Do Say!

  1. Man its feels great to have 17 hands between your legs
  2. She/He Got Me Off Twice Today
  3. Don’t put her away while she’s still wet.
  4. Swing your leg over and get on top of him.
  5. It was a great ride but he was sticky.
  6. More leg, less hand.
  7. He needs a good 2O minute warm up.
  8. Use your leg to drive him forward.
  9. Give him his head.
  10. Eventers do it three ways

So guys that was the top 1O things that you will hear us say that are true and pretty misleading but I hope this gave you a laugh as it has given me a laugh!



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