Fashion // Golden Globes Fashion 💃

Hey guys! Since it was the Golden Globes last night I thought I would do my favourites and non favourites from last night! I just have to say the fashion last night was very high and very stylish.

Jennifer Anniston


I honestly really didn’t like her dress. It reminds of something that you would wear to a funeral and it was just to safe and wasn’t definitely out there with the others! Black isn’t really a colour of a dress that I would wear. I prefer my light and dark colours. Black and a different colour would be nice but just plain black doesn’t go with me.

Jennifer Lopez


No matter what Jennifer wears she makes it look stunning. I actually am in love with this dress and it’s something that I wouldn’t wear but it’s stunning! She knows what she likes and I swear everyone loves her style including myself. She just seems so elegant but sexy and stylish at the same time!

Emma Stone


Emma Stone has to be my best dressed female at the Golden Globes this year. She is so elegant but she is stunning. Even tho the dress is safe it’s really nice. It’s something that I would wear to a formal event or it’s something that someone could wear o a wedding etc. She has to be the best dressed last night in my opinion.

Channing and Jenna Tatum


These two have to be my Best Dressed Couple from the Golden Globes last night! I am a big fan of Channing and admire him! He has to be one of the men that’s in the acting business that has pure style!

Let me know who was your best dressed and worst dressed in the comments below!


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