Lifestyle // My Most Used Apps ðŸ“±

So guys since I haven’t done one of these posts I thought I would do my most used apps on my iPhone! These change all the time so I might do a few posts of this once every few months!



I use Facebook a lot for my personal use and my blog. I always share my blog on my personal and on my own like page which is if you would like to like it!



Instagram is what I use for my photography and personal photos. I don’t really have two separate insta grams for each but I use the same one for them. It is also pretty good at putting filters on your photos if you want to edit them. My insta is if you would like to follow me!



Twitter is what I use really to share my new blogs and keep up to date with other bloggers. The blogger chats on Twitter are amazing for oldie bloggers and new bloggers as you get to meet so many new bloggers.



24me is my planning app. It’s so much better then any of the other apps out there as you can do so much with it and it’s free so it doesn’t cost you a fortune. I use it for chats and what else I need it for.

All of the apps mentioned above are free and are available on the Apple App Store so I’m not sure about Android. What is your most used apps? Comment below!


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