Lifestyle // Winter Favourites ❄️⛄️

Hey guys! Since winter is nearly over but only beginning in Ireland I thought I would do my Winter Favourites!

1) Beanies / Hats – These have to be my most biggest thing what I love about winter is the fact that you can wear hats and beanies without being judged! Beanies are one of my favourite things.

2) Hot Chocolate – it can’t just be any hot chocolate. It has to be Costa Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows! This is really the only hot drink I drink!

3) Snow – Even tho we haven’t had much of it this year snow has to be my love of winter! I would much prefer snow to rain anyday!

4) Onesies – I wear these all year round but winter gives you an opportunity to wear them more then you usually would. They keep you so warm and snug!

So these are my winter favourites! Sorry for the lack of content but I have so much going on!

Tell me what you’re winter favourites are below! ❄️⛄️


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