Beauty // MAC Studio Fix VS Rimmel Match Perfection 😏

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting but I’ve been really busy with things in my personal life. I’ve decided to do a versus post as I have never done one before!

MAC Studio Fix – I’m totally in love with this product. I’ve been using it most days and the bottle is still full. It’s very light to apply and it’s definitely not too heavy either. You only need a drop for it to cover you’re whole face. As people know I love my MAC products and this is my second pot of his foundation and I love it. It’s also very long lasting. It doesn’t slide of your face like other foundations that I’ve had before. The only thing I would say about it that is it expensive, it’s in the high end market but I have dry skin and I hardly have to moisturise or prime before hand with it so for me it’s worth the money!


Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation – as everyone knows I’m a big fan of this brand too. Most of my collection that I have is by Rimmel and they’ve been top class. This foundation wouldn’t be my favourite for my type of skin. I have to thoroughly moisturise and prime before hand as it can be quiet heavy without you realising it. It also doesn’t last very long on you’re face unless you use primer in my opinion. The only good thing is with all Rimmel products is that it’s not expensive. I’m not saying don’t go out and buy it cause I don’t like it, it might go really well with you’re skin, it just doesn’t suit me.


The winner definitely has to be MAC Studio Fix for me! You can get the foundation from any Brown Thomas or MAC Stores.

Let me know what you think about each of these foundations!


11 thoughts on “Beauty // MAC Studio Fix VS Rimmel Match Perfection 😏

  1. Dorkchops says:

    Yes the Rimmel foundation was alright for me but it definitely wasn’t my holy grail. I’ve used mine all up though so now I’m moving onto other things! Thank you for the comparison! 🙂 ❤


  2. Beka Louise says:

    I read nothing but fantastic reviews for MAC products and it just makes me wish I could afford them more. This is one of the few Rimmel foundations that I haven’t tried because I just cannot seem to find the right match for my skin tone, which seems a bit weird.

    Thank you for the comparison though!

    Beka. xo


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