Lifestyle // The Truth About Tinder

So guys I haven’t done ‘The Truth About’ post in a while so I thought I would do one that’s based on nearly everyone that I know uses.

If you have no clue what tinder is, I have no clue where you have been. Tinder is a dating app that is linked to Facebook. You swipe right if you think the person is good looking and left if you don’t. If you match with the person you can talk to the person and exchange details, meet up or what not people do these days.

1) not going to lie but most of the girls and guys that are on it, is just on it for one thing and that’s obviously not a relationship. The amount of times I myself and friends have been asked for one night shift and what not is not normal. I actually have no clue what’s with the people around our age these days. There’s more to life and shifting.

2) the amount of cringe chat up lines that guys send you are horrible. You would think that they would learn and realise that we’ve heard most of the chat up lines more then once & if they didn’t work before they won’t work now. Just a thought for guys to think of another way to ‘pick up’ girls. I honestly wouldn’t talk to a guy that used a cringe chat up line.

3) Not all the lads are genuine. There are so many cat fishes on there. You wouldn’t need to go far to realise that there all cat fished. So with this note you always have to be careful on websites like this due to perverts and pedophiles.

4) You have to be 18 to join this app but there are so many guys that are under so I would honestly double check because some of them are 16 and over.

5) Tinder is not where you will find you’re love nor you’re soul mate. If you think that you must be out of your head. It’s great for just talking to people and what not but I wouldn’t be to happy on finding a relationship from it.

that is all my thoughts on Tinder. If you want to get tinder you can download it on Android and Apple, I’m not sure about windows.

Let me know what your experiences are with Tinder in the comments below!



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