Lifestyle // Things We All Do But Don’t Realise πŸ™Š

Since I haven’t done one of these posts before I thought I would do one. We all have the little things we do but some of these could be things that you don’t even realise you do!

Saying You Have Plans But Don’t – this is something that I do and I know I do to get out of things if I’m tired and can’t be bothered. I say everyone has done this more than once in their life without realising it!

Ignoring A Text But Saying That It Just Didn’t Send – now this is also something that I do but something’s I do forget to reply if I’m really busy or half sleep. I would have a guess more then 8O% of you have done this without meaning too!

Nose Picking – I know this is definitely something that I haven’t done and don’t do it but I know plenty of people that do this without realising it because it’s like an addiction but a rotten one!

Peeing In The Shower – I know I used to do this as a kid but I would be worried if an adult does it. I understand if you need to go, you need to go but there should be a toilet near you. It’s just awful because other people have to use the shower!

let me know if you do any of the above or what you actually do without realising it!


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