Social Media // Uploading & Contact Details

Hey guys! Since I have a few projects coming up I thought I would do a post on when I’ll be uploading onto my blog, my personal YouTube and the Qui Vive YouTube!

I will be uploading here on Sunday’s, Wednesday’s, Friday’s & Saturday’s some times. You can catch all this posts on here!

My personal YouTube is Thatsobekaah & I’ll be uploading there on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s at the moment and can change due to other commitments.

On the Qui Vive YouTube which is Qui Vive I’m going to be uploading on Friday’s . There are girls that are uploading on Sunday’s, Monday’s, Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s also!

You can get in touch with me on Twitter on Thatsobekaahor Personal Twitter

My Facebook is Facebook

My Instagram is Instagram

My Pinterest is Pinterest

My emails are or


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