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Hey guys! Today the post is going to be something different! I have just watched a video by Key West about the fact that busking on our streets could be made illegal in the next few weeks/months.

As a person that used to work in Temple Bar, Dublin and I still go into town all the time. I used to love going up Grafton Street and around Temple Bar to hear the busking especially Key West themselves! They brought an amazing crowd in and have done some amazing things for the homeless and a load of other charities through the years.

All that I’m asking for you all to do is think, do you want our streets to become quiet? No music? Just shoppers? I can guess what your answer is going to be and that’s NO! The tourists on the Trip Adviser have said that the music on Grafton Street brings them happiness and would make them come back again –



You can watch the video here #SaveIrishBusking and send an email to & all of the emails will be forwarded to the Dublin City Council! Also use the hashtag #SaveIrishBusking 💁

If you have been to Ireland or are form Ireland comment below and tell me what you think about the buskers around Dublin! 💁


6 thoughts on “Lifestyle // #SaveIrishBusking

  1. Charlotte says:

    I can’t believe they would make it illegal, how ridiculous! I love busking and I don’t think it does any harm at all. I think it creates a lovely atmosphere and if you have the confidence to put yourself out there, you should be allowed to express yourself!

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