Beauty // Favourite Brushes

Hey guys! I haven’t done a post on my favourite brushes that I have before. As people know that I currently have – Real Techniques Starter Kit, Real Techniques Duo Fiber and Real Techniques Gold Set, Kryolan Set, Primark Set and an Eco Tools foundation brush!

These are just the brushes that I’ve been loving for the past while and the ones I’ve been using for a while ;

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Face Brush – this is the brush that I’ve fallen in love with out of the Duo Fiber range! I’ve been using it for my bronzers! It’s amazing and gives such an even coverage and it’s really soft. It’s one of the brushes that I’m afraid to wash just incase I loose the softness of it! You can’t buy this brush alone, you can only get it in the set but I don’t think the set is available anymore!


Kryolan Foundation Brush – this is the main foundation brush that I use. It’s way bigger then the Real Techniques one and is way better then that one. I’ve been using it no stop and I love it. It’s my favourite out of the 4 foundation brushes that I have! This has to be my go to brush and will be until or if I find something better then it!


I know this is a short post guys but these are literally the two brushes that I’ve been using all the time, i don’t use proper brushes for anything else!

Let me know what brushes you are loving at the moment down below in the comments! I have a new video coming out tomorrow so keep an eye out on my Facebook and Twitter for the link!



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