Beauty // Naked Basics VS W7 In The Nude

Hey Guys! Since I enjoyed doing my other VS post about foundation I thought I would do one on the two eye shadow palettes that I have – Naked Basics 1 and W7 In The Nude.

Naked Basics 1 – I’ll start with the high end product which is Urban Decays Naked Basics 1 which is €3O from any Urban Decay stand! This is one of the products that I’ve wanted for ages and I got it when they were having a sale a few weeks before Christmas! First of all I found that I only realise that I only use three of the colours that’s in the palette; for what the price of it, it’s a bit ridiculous and a waste of money. All the eye shadows are matte and last but for me I only use three of the colours. I love the palette don’t get me wrong but there are so many dupes like my next product that has way more colours that I would use for more than a third of the cost!


W7 In The Nude – This is one product that I couldn’t wait to get and I got it for Christmas! First of all I was surprised at its price €10 which is €20 cheaper then the Naked Basics and it’s way bigger and have more shades in it. All together most of the colours except two is what I use on my eyes and that’s pretty good for an eye shadow palette. This is obviously the dupe for the Naked Palettes to and it’s running it into the ground! I love this palette and the shades are very long lasting.


Winner – The W7 In The Nude has to be the winner in this case because it’s way more cheaper and bigger. It also has a lot of different shades to use which the Naked Basics doesn’t!

let me know below what one is you’re favourite! Don’t forget to check out my latest video – Q&A || ThatsoBekaah


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