Award // The Liebster Award!

Hey guys! I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award this time by Despina & I’m very honoured! This is the second award that I’ve been nominated for!


– thank the person that has nominated you.
– Answer the questions that the nominator has given you.
– Nominate 11 other bloggers that have under 200 followers and link them.
– Create 11 new questions!
– Tell the nominates that you’ve nominated them!

1) Why Did You Start Blogging?
I started blogging because I love writing and only recently gotten into make up before I started it. It was mostly because I enjoyed writing and being online!

2) What’s your favourite kind of food?
My favourite kind of food has to be Italian but my own favourite food would have to be cheese!

3) Who Is Your Role Model?
It has to be Demi Lovato. She’s been through so much but hadn’t given up on life nor herself!

4) What Do You Do When Your Not Blogging?
I also make videos for youtube so that and blogging takes up most of my time. Even tho I’m not online I do so much work off line.

5) Favourite Place To Spurge ?
It would have to be boots because boots have a massive collection of make up, skin care and everything else. You can also collect points which is so helpful!

6) Where Do You See Yourself In 3 Years?
Hopefully not in Ireland anymore. Possibly the UK or the US doing youtube and blogging! Everyone has to have goals right?

7) Share One Habit That You Would Wish You Could Break?
It would have to be biting my nails. I do this so much and it’s such a horrible habit!

8) What Is Your Favourite Vacation Ever?
It would have to be Lanzarote because it was so hot, nice and the atmosphere was next to none!

9) Favourite Movie As A Kid ?
It would have to be Disneys The Lion King or Beauty and The Beast! I used to watch them both all the time.

10) What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?
It would have to be Twitter because I’m never off it unless I’m sleeping!

11) Why Did You Choose You’re Blog Name?
It was my Twitter name so I really just wanted to keep it connected with it!


Abbie @ Kittens Into Phats
Katy @ The Lilac Scrap Book
Florence @ Love From FG
Elle @ Elle Ganze
Rachel @ Rachy Ray Babe
Ellen @ Ellen Rose Beauty
Cat @ Mentally Beautiful
Melly @ Glam Fire Diaries


1) how has blogging affected you’re life?
2) which bloggers do you look up too?
3) what is you’re favourite song at the moment?
4) If you could have any product what would it be?
5) what was your favourite thing to do as a child?
6) if you could pick between WordPress or blogger which one would you pick?
7) What advise would you give to new bloggers?
8) what has been your favourite product that you’ve bought?
9) does you’re family know that you blog?
10) do you have a YouTube that runs along you’re blog?
11) Is this the first award you’ve been nominated for?


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