Beauty // Gosh, Saphir Perfume & iClothing Spring and Summer Launch ๐Ÿ‘—

Hey guys! So today I went to my first event and it was for Gosh, Saphir Perfume and iClothing. It was based in the Dylan Hotel, Eastmoreland Lane in Dublin. The event started at 11:OOam but didn’t finish till 16:OOpm.

Before the event I fell in love with the invite that Sarah sent us through email! It was probably the favourite invite that I’ve gotten ever!


I met up with Cat, Melody & Elle. We all arrived at the event at about 1:2Opm even tho most of us wasn’t well but we made sure to make it as much fun as possible.

The first stand we went to was Saphir Perfume. The girl was so welcoming and started to talk to us. She gave us the low down on the brand which you can find on their website which will be linked through out the blog post! The brand originally came from Spain and it has been live for the past fifty years; even tho I hadn’t heard of it before. After our lovely chat with the girl that was telling us about them she gave us an amazing goodie bag which had 3 small bottles of women’s perfume, 4 samples and 1 bottle of the male perfume; which I was so surprised about. So thank you to Saphir Perfume for the amazing day and goodie bags!




The second brand that we went to was Gosh ; I’ve known about this brand for a while but it seems to be really hard to find around Dublin and Kildare that stock their products. You can check the companies history on their website. The woman at the stand just told us about their new primer n’ set and then went off to talk to one of her blogger friends. We got to test out all of their new products while she was gone and they were amazing. I’ll be getting there eye liner and lip liner once I have funding! Just before we left she gave us a goodie bag which had; the prime n’ set, mascara, lip gloss and nail varnish – thank you Gosh and also a 2O% off voucher for their web store! I will be reviewing their products on my blog soon so keep an eye out!



The last stand we went to was iClothing – who I seen on Xposรจ the week before and actually only heard of them when I got the invitation to the event! I have to say they have some amazing lines coming out for the Spring/Summer 2O15 collection and there’s a few things that I would love to purchase from them. They are a brand that you need to watch out for! As we were talking to the woman she gives us a bag with an amazing necklace and a discount for their website – thank you so much iClothing



I really enjoyed this event and it was my first blogger event ever and I couldn’t of went with any better people! I will have a small Vlog of this up in the next few days so keep an eye out!

Let me know if you went and what you thought about the event!


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