Beauty // My Beauty Essentials #1 ðŸŽ€

Hey guys! I’m sorry for the lack of posts this week but i was in hospital so I couldn’t post but now I’m out and a little bit better! So I thought for my first post back I thought I would do my beauty essentials; what I think everyone needs in their own kit!

Moisturiser – everyone needs a good moisturiser in there kit no matter what type of skin that you have. I use simple or Nivea. Both do my skin amazingly.

Primer – if you don’t have a primer in you’re kit I have no clue how you’re make up stays on your face. Until recently I didn’t have a primer and this has to be a big essential of mine. It makes everything spread easily and stays on for longer also!

Brushes – everyone needs a good set of brushes as part of the kit. I myself have two kind of brushes Real Techniques and Kroylan . Without good brushes you will be no where.

Foundation – the foundation always depends on what type of skin you have but you have to have one to suit you’re skin tone and the type of skin you have. I use MAC Studio Finish .

Concealor – everyone needs a good Concealor to cover up any imperfections in there own skin. I am currently using Rimmel Hide The Blemish

this is only part one of the post! I will have part two up soon enough!

Let me know what’s you’re essentials in the comments below!


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