Personal // Aspergers ðŸ’ª

So guys I thought I would do a very personal post for a change as I haven’t talked about this at all in my blog.

For anyone that doesn’t know what Aspergers is I’ll explain now – it is known the spectrum disorder list. It is a developmental disorder which is the delay in the development of many basic skills like socialising with others, coronation, repetitive behaviour, unusual rituals and much more. It’s not a major forum of autism but it is on the list. It can effect anyone at any age and many people go undiagnosed until they are in their late age as there was no way to be diagnosed over 30 years ago.

I knew there was always something different about me. I never was ‘normal’ as they would say. I always preferred to talk to younger or older people rather then people my own age, this was prominent in secondary school and even before that. I always used to be the one that was always either alone or with people in the older or younger years which I didn’t think of much back then but now it all makes sense.

I always knew I was different but different is good as I know now. Everyone is different in the world and everyone has there own problems. I wouldn’t of talked about this a few years ago but now I’m able to speak about it openly and not be embarrassed.

I guess this post is just to prove to people that it’s okay to be different and not care what other people think. I used to care what people used to think but now I don’t give a dam. You need to be able to be who you are without anyone caring!

Aspergers might mean I haven’t been able to communicate properly, I get stuff stuck in my head, I wasn’t able to do some things until I was older and didn’t understand much. But it’s made me the person I am today and that doesn’t bother me. I’m still the same as all of you, I’m no different.

I just thought that I should let my readers know more about me as I haven’t been fully honest!




21 thoughts on “Personal // Aspergers ðŸ’ª

  1. Rachel Ellis Fashion & Beauty says:

    This is such a good post! I have a friend with Aspergers and I really think more people need to understand and know about it because not many people do! xx

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  2. socialonya says:

    Fair play to you for sharing your personal story. It can be very brave to tell our stories sometimes. We are all different in our own ways. It’s good to that you are able to talk about it. Always be you!!!! 🙂

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  3. charlotte says:

    What a lovely honest post, thank you for giving everyone an insight into the disorder and I’m so happy that you’ve decided to not give a damm about what other people think because you’ve got nothing to hide or feel embarrassed about!! x

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  4. JULES says:

    what an inspiration you must be to other with this disorder – so communication may have been a challenge but look at how beautifully you have learned to communicate as evidenced by your lovely blog – congratulations on taking the challenge and turning it into an opportunity to shine z

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  5. choclette says:

    Aspergers is one of those things we are only just beginning to hear about. Well done for helping to get that message out there. Ultimately we are all different and it would be good if people held that thought to the fore.


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