X-Factor Tour Review ðŸŽ¤

Hey guys! So I went to the X-Factor tour on the second night in Dublin in the 3 Arena.

The first act that opened the show was Fleur East – I wasn’t a big fan of her on the show but oh my god, she was amazing at performing and she’s the only one that really gave you a show with her dancing and singing. She sung All About That Bass, Thriller, Uptown Funk and others!


The second act that came out was Andrea – now he was one of my favourites of the show this year. He reminded me of Mario from the computer games. I knew that he was going to steal she show! Which he did! He sang Listen and Chandelier and one other song! He was one of my favourites of the night.


The next act was Lauren Platt – I didn’t really like her on the show but she can sing. Her set was probably one of my favourite sets of the night. She was giving it her all and she even danced! She sung Let It Go, Don’t Worry Your Child, Happy/Teardrops Melody and she also sang one other song but I can’t remember the name of it!


The first group out was Only The Young (OTY) – I’m honesty not a fan of these but they know how to put on a show but I feel that they’re more catered for the younger age group rather then the teenagers, don’t get me wrong they had an amazing set but it just wouldn’t be my cup of tea! They sang Bearnescties, Jail House Rock, Shake It and another song!


The next act was Jay James – I wasn’t a fan of him on the show but he can sing. I wasn’t expecting him to sing some of the songs that the did! Loved the hat he wore also! He sang Skyfall and a few other songs but you have to wait and see 😉


The next act was Stevie Ritchie – Im definitely not a fan of this dude but I have to say he knows how to put on a show and he was entertaining. I noticed he wasn’t singing it all live but you wouldn’t expect him to sing live anyway! He sang Footloose, Livin’ La Vida Loca , Queen Melody and another song I think!

The last group that was out was Stereo Kicks – this was the main act that I couldn’t wait to go and see. These are an 8 piece boyband that got put together at boot camp and made it nearly to the final. I have to say the lead singer James is just flawless and he holds the group together but Casey, Jake, Barcley, Chris, Charlie, Tom and Reece were amazing too. They sang Run, Hey Jude, Everybody and another song! These were one of my favourites of the night!


The final act was the X-Factor Winner Ben Haenow – as everyone knows there was a massive hype around him and how good he is. Don’t get me wrong he is amazing but his voice stays the same in the all of the songs! I love him but I don’t think he’s going to get far. He sung Jealous Guy, Come Together, Demons, Something I need, Highway To Hell. If you are just going for him he doesn’t come on to the very last time!


They all did two group songs which one was Shake It Off and a few more but I’ll keep them secret 😉

Overall it was an amazing night and I would go again if I had a chance!

Comment below if you are going to the concert or if you have been & who is you’re favourite contestant from this years X-Factor





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