Blogging Do’s and Don’ts ðŸ˜³

So guys I’ve been asked a few times to do my top do’s and Don’ts so I thought I would do them for today. I hope these help you now or even in the future!

Do’s ✔️

Use Your Own Content and Original Ideas – Because you need to get readers interested in you’re blog and you! we all know that people are going to be reviewing the same or similar products but they should be you’re own views etc! To change things up you can blog about you’re life or other things.

Update Often – if you watch your blog traffic you can notice that you will get more if you post more often, you don’t need to post every day but you should have a schedule to follow.

Keep You’re Blog Clean and Pretty – this will ensure that you’re readers will have an amazing experience on you’re blog and will entice them to come back again.

Networking – this is a great way to grow you’re blog. You should try and connect with other bloggers ~ there are chats on Twitter every night with hashtags like #bdib #fblchat #bbloggers and much more. I will put up an schedule of the chats in the next few days!

Write As A Conversation – If you don’t write as a conversation it’ll be like an essay and people don’t like reading essay. It has to be easy to read and not too long.

Post Vlogs – this is a great way to reach out to you’re readers as they get to know you more and gives them an in site into you’re life and what you do. It also brings traffic from YouTube to your blog.

Don’ts ✖️

Plagiarise – it is definitely not ok to use someone else’s content without asking them or evening giving them credit without asking them. This is illegal and you can get done for it.

Steal Photos – this is the same as the one above. Don’t steal photos without consent.

Leave You’re Link In Comments – it’s okay to leave it at the end of a comment but it definitely shouldn’t be in the top or middle of the comment as it will get marked as spam and it annoys other bloggers.

So I hope these tips have given you an in site on what it is okay to do when blogging and not to do! This will be a series on my blog where I offer advice! Let me know in the comments below on what are you’re Do’s and Don’ts in the blogging world.


6 thoughts on “Blogging Do’s and Don’ts ðŸ˜³

  1. Claire Kane says:

    The first tip is an especially important why. A lot of young bloggers think that by emulating the Leanne Woodfuls and Zoellas of the world they will achieve the same success but what they need to realise that Leanne and Zoe became such sensations by being themselves and by working incredibly hard to create original, unseen content.


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