Gosh Cosmetics Review ðŸŒž

Hey guys! As some of you might know that I went to the Gosh Cosmetics, iClothing and Saphir Perfume Spring / SummerCollection event a few weeks ago! During the event we got a goodie bag full of products from Gosh and all of these products that are being reviewed are all on Gosh Cosmetics website! 

Smokey Eyes Palette // this is the second smokey eyes palette that I’ve owned ever! The first thing that I liked about to his was that it has instructions for what shade is for what part of the eye – which was good for me as I wasn’t used to blending or anything like that. The shades go from white – light grey – dark grey – black. I found when I first applied this product is that it wasn’t really that pigmented as other shadows that I’ve used before. If you add the darker shade it’s perfect but the light shades you can’t really notice them. This product lasts all day but it wouldn’t be all the shades that I would wear all the time of the year. This is available for €11.99 on Gosh Cosmetics

Lip Lacquer // the first thing that stood out for me about this product was the packaging on it – it’s like a nail varnish packaging and it’s small enough to carry around in your bag. I got this in the shade 003 Sweet Lips and I’m loving this shade as I’m a big lover of the pink shades. It goes onto your lips so easily and it lasts a good while but it does have to be topped up every few hours. I would love to turn this in 004 Flirty Lips, 007 Hot Lips and 008 Dangerous Lips. I would also repurchase this product in one of the colours mentioned above. This is avialbe from Gosh Cosmetics

Nail Lacquer // this product has a similar packaging to the lip lacquer that is mentioned above, but it’s a little bit taller. I don’t have many nail varnishes so this was totally welcomed into my collection. I got this in the shade 035 Candy Floss which is another pink shade. It is really easy to apply compared to other nail varnishes that I have use. It lasts for about a week but you need to apply it as a thick coat. This retails at €8.50 on Gosh Cosmetics

Mascara Allongeant // I’ve only used certain brands of mascara before so I was very wary of trying this product but I was so wrong. This has to be my new favourite mascara that I own. It is so easy to apply and it doesn’t clump or stick your lashes together. I wore this to an event a couple of days ago and it lasted until the next evening. This is the main product that I would repurchase from Gosh! This retails at €13.99 on Gosh Cosmetics

Prime n’ Set // this was the product that the hype was all about at the event and I was so excited to try it out. This product can be used under or over make up and has an amazing sliky feel to it. I was so disappointed as this product didn’t go at all with my skin as I can have really dry skin so that was a downer. I have to say it’s still an amazing product but I wouldn’t repurchase this myself. This retails at €14.99 on Gosh Cosmetics 

So guys I hope you enjoyed my reviews on Gosh Cosmetics spring/summer collection products. Let me know what you think of them in the comments below. 

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5 thoughts on “Gosh Cosmetics Review ðŸŒž

  1. Claire Kane says:

    I’ve never really used Gosh. I have tried their eye roll on though which is absolutely fantastic. It seems a little over priced for what is ultimately a chemist brand, don’t you think?


  2. myladiez says:

    As stated above, it is pricey but I think it is worth it, it is much better than L’Oreal, Revlon, Maybelline, etc. I have a few of their products, (eye primer, lip primer) and they are good. Their eyeliner is good too.

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