Tan Goddess Review πŸ‘™

Hey lovelies! Since I haven’t been well I thought I would do posts that I’ve been meaning to post for a while! 

About 3 weeks ago I found out about Babydoll Cosmetics when I was staying in my grandparents house for a few days! I met one of the wonderful girls that own the company which is based in Celbridge, Kildare. I can’t remember the girls name..whoops! 

The Babydoll Cosmetics girl was telling me all about the tan – it’s made from Aloe Vera which is amazing for you’re skin! She then showed me how good the tan is when she did both of my arms! The tan went on so well especially my elbows (which we all know can be a pain at most times) and it dried instantly! 

I washed it off when I went home as I wanted to try it myself (definitely not a pro tan applier) Since I haven’t put on tan before and I’m a beginner! I got the tan in Medium, you can get it in dark or medium. Medium is light but isn’t light light. I have pale skin and it went amazingly with my skin. I applied it with an old fluffy sock and it went on quiet even and easily! I let it developed straight away and it was perfect once dry! 

This is one of those products that I would repurchase without a doubt! You can purchase these here by emailing them at babydollcosmetics1@hotmail.com and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can! 


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