Blogger Los Angeles Trip Spring 2016 ✈️

Hey lovelies! 

A number of us have decided to go to Los Angeles to experience Spring Break next year – as it’s the cheaper flight prices and it’s still really hot out in Los Angeles this time of the year! It would be classed as a holiday but people can use the experience to build up contacts and whatever else (I know I will)! 

We are hoping to get either a group of 10 or 14 to go to Los Angeles. You need to be 17+ as we don’t want to end up baby sitting anyone as we want to have fun too! We are planning on going this time next year or in April (spring break dates won’t be out until September) but it gives us enough time to book flights and a hotel/house!  

This will be an amazing experience for anyone that hasn’t been to Los Angeles and even for their blog as its a great place for contacts & what not! 

We will give you the people’s details that are near you and you can book your flights together so you don’t have to do the 20 hour flight alone!

If you are interested in going please email me @ with the following 

  • Name, Age and Location. 
  • Have you been abroad before?
  • Blog URL. 
  • Twitter account. 
  • Health problems or Disabilities. 
  • Whatever else you think we need to know. 
  • Questions are welcome. 

This trip will be one of the best if you make the most out of it! 


9 thoughts on “Blogger Los Angeles Trip Spring 2016 ✈️

  1. Constance says:

    This sounds like an amazing idea! I live in the US but havent ever been to LA and this would be an amazing trip. My only concern is we might not have spring break at the same time but we wont know until next year!


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