EōN Boūtiqūe

Hey guys! EōN Boūtiqūe sent me a product to review for them but before I review it I thought I would tell you a bit about the company before! 

EōN Boútiqūe was started up in 2014 by Emma Lynch because she liked the idea of affordable luxury in her head. She wanted to create a place where her customers could have a luxury shopping experience with high end quailiry jewellery without the high end price tag. They are an Irish owned company – we have to support all the irish companies these days! You can contact them here EōN Boútiqūe and see what they have on sale and much more! 

When Emma got in contact with me about this company I had no idea what the company was or what was going on. Once I looked at their website, I wa really impressed how she’s the sole owner of the company and to have the courage to set this up herself! 

EōN Boútiqūe sent me a lovely gold and black bracelet that I fell in love once I opened the package! It came in a lovely holder which I fell in love with! I was pretty impressed how fast the product arrived – was posted on Friday and I got it on the monday (we don’t have post on weekends in Ireland) so I was amazed! The first thing I loved was the quality of the bracelet – it doesn’t feel like any of my other bracelets but this is something that I could wear all the time without a problem because it’s so light and you wouldn’t even notice it on your wrist! 




Overall I loved this bracelet and I definitely will be ordering stuff of EōN Boútiqūe in the near future for events! Let me know in the comments below if your going to order products of them in the future! 


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