Bloggers That I’m Loving 😘

Hey Lovelies! I thought I would change stuff up on today’s post because I’ve wanted to do new things! Today’s post is all about the future bloggers that I’m loving ! I hope you find some new blogs that you are going to love! 

Chelsea Potter – I love Chelsea’s writing style and I check her blog nearly every day! She’s also such a nice person and we get on so well together! 

Kimamely Beauty – Kirstie is such an amazing writer and I also love the way her blog is. She deserves all the views and followers that she has. She is also doing some amazing things for newbie bloggers on Facebook! 

A Life With Frills – Rebecca is also another writer and blog that I’m loving! Check it nearly every day and she’s an extremely nice girl also! 

Olivia Mulhearn – this is another blogger that I’ve recently started reading her posts and I am hooked! She has a really good writing style and we like similar products! 

So they’re all the bloggers that I’m currently loving at the moment. Let me know in the comments below on who your loving! 

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One thought on “Bloggers That I’m Loving 😘

  1. Ella says:

    I love reading these ‘blogs I love’ posts, they’re super inspiring and I usually get to know some new blogs! Thanks for posting lovely 🙂



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