First Impressions Of Inglot YSM Foundation πŸ’•

Hey lovelies! I haven’t done a review post in a while so I thought I would do the review on the Inglot YSM Foundation which I got in a shade 40 since I have very pale skin! Below is a picture of the shades after that you can get –


Since getting this product I have only used it once so this is probably not only going to be the only review of this product but it’s really just going to be my own first impressions. 

I’ve heard so many amazing things about this product and the MUA that did my make up for my aunties wedding used this product on me and I loved it so I thought I would give it a go myself! 

Packaging // As you can see above it comes in a small little cardboard box and the foundation comes in a tube that’s 30ml! I actually loved the tube that it comes in because it’s not as bulky so leaves room in my make up bag for other things! 

Product Itself // The first time I used this product I used it with a lot of primer because I wasn’t too sure on how well it would spread etc. but it did spread amazingly. It lasted me the whole day for when I was filming my Inglot haul video. The only thing I have to say it’s very matte but I actually loved it the first time I’ve used it. Another thing is why I love this product is because it’s so skin friendly! 

Overall View // I cannot wait to use this product again and I will probably repurchase this again. 

You can get this product at Inglot and its €20 per tube! 

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve used this product and what you think about it! 

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