What’s In My Make Up Bag?

Hey lovelies! I thought that I would do this post so you all know what products I’m using at the moment and what I put on when I’m going out! I hope you like this – the post includes IsaDora, MAC, Urban Decay, Rimmel, Real Techniques and much more! 

IsaDora Protect Primer 


This is probably my favourite primer that I have out of the two! I use this all the time and I find it works amazing by itself. You don’t need to moisturise before hand! 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid 

I went off this foundation for a while but now I’m back using it! It’s quite heavy on your skin but it’s amazing! 

IsaDora Face Sculptor 


I’ve only really used the bronzer from this palette but I can’t wait to use the rest! It’s just so handy to have in your make up bag because it has the three in it. 

Naked Basics Palette 

I love the pigments in this eye shadow palette so I take it everywhere with me! This is something that everyone needs to have because it’s so small and easy to carry around because it doesn’t take up much space! 

Inglot Gel Liner 

I only got this product recently but it’s something that I will always have around with me because it’s one of the best products that I own. It is also very small but it lasts for ages!

Lip Products 


2x IsaDora Twist Up Matte Lips – These are just so handy to put on before lip gloss or just to put on if your in a rush! They also last for ages! 

Kate Moss 01 By Rimmel –  Everyone needs a red shade in their make up bag so this is mine! It lasts so long and it wasn’t expensive!



Kryloan Foundation Brush – it practically says it in its name but it’s my favourite foundation brush that I have! 

Eye Shadow Brush – this one isn’t branded but I’ve had it over 3 years and it’s amazing! 

Real Techniques “Duo Fibre” Face Brush – this is another top favourite that I always have in my bag. I use this for blush and bronzer! 

Real Techniques “Core Collection” Concealor Brush – This is what I use for all of my IsaDora sculpting sets! 

Real Techqniues “Starter Kit” Fine Liner Brush – This is what I use for my gel liner and it’s the best brush I have for the gel liner! 

So That’s all that I have in my make up bag! Let me know in the comment below if you have any of these in you’re make up bag or what you have in it! 


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4 thoughts on “What’s In My Make Up Bag?

  1. missamrunaway says:

    Hi, just to say I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award (all info on my blog), if you have done it before or don’t want to do a post on it that is absolutely fine! Great blog ^_^ xoxo

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