Updates :}

Hey Lovelies! I know I haven’t updated this blog in a while as I’ve been so busy – so many things are happening recently. This is just a little update on what is happening and going on!

ThatSoBekaah Blog // So with this blog I have decided to post 2 times a week with possibly more as I don’t really have any new products as such so I’ll be doing two posts every week from next week. I haven’t decided on the days yet but it will be a week day and then a weekend day!

The Cliques Blog // This is the blog that I’m going to be concentrating on from now on. I’ve just found that it is way easier to do posts for that blog as its everything but beauty and fashion. I will be updating that blog nearly every day! You can follow it on The Cliques Blog !

ThatSoBekaah Youtube Channel // I got some big news on this the other day. I have partnered with AwesomenessTV which is one of the best Youtube channels for people around my age and theirs so many opportunities that I can get from working with them. With that I am uploading every Wednesday and Saturday on ThatSoBekaah so Keep an eye out for them videos!

Nominations // I was nominated for two categories for the Irish Beauty Blog awards which is happening on the 21st of May! I will be attending these awards so I can’t wait to meet everyone there!


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