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Hey Lovelies! I know I haven’t updated this blog in a while as I’ve been so busy – so many things are happening recently. This is just a little update on what is happening and going on!

ThatSoBekaah Blog // So with this blog I have decided to post 2 times a week with possibly more as I don’t really have any new products as such so I’ll be doing two posts every week from next week. I haven’t decided on the days yet but it will be a week day and then a weekend day!

The Cliques Blog // This is the blog that I’m going to be concentrating on from now on. I’ve just found that it is way easier to do posts for that blog as its everything but beauty and fashion. I will be updating that blog nearly every day! You can follow it on The Cliques Blog !

ThatSoBekaah Youtube Channel // I got some big news on this the other day. I have partnered with AwesomenessTV which is one of the best Youtube channels for people around my age and theirs so many opportunities that I can get from working with them. With that I am uploading every Wednesday and Saturday on ThatSoBekaah so Keep an eye out for them videos!

Nominations // I was nominated for two categories for the Irish Beauty Blog awards which is happening on the 21st of May! I will be attending these awards so I can’t wait to meet everyone there!


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EōN Boūtiqūe

Hey guys! EōN Boūtiqūe sent me a product to review for them but before I review it I thought I would tell you a bit about the company before! 

EōN Boútiqūe was started up in 2014 by Emma Lynch because she liked the idea of affordable luxury in her head. She wanted to create a place where her customers could have a luxury shopping experience with high end quailiry jewellery without the high end price tag. They are an Irish owned company – we have to support all the irish companies these days! You can contact them here EōN Boútiqūe and see what they have on sale and much more! 

When Emma got in contact with me about this company I had no idea what the company was or what was going on. Once I looked at their website, I wa really impressed how she’s the sole owner of the company and to have the courage to set this up herself! 

EōN Boútiqūe sent me a lovely gold and black bracelet that I fell in love once I opened the package! It came in a lovely holder which I fell in love with! I was pretty impressed how fast the product arrived – was posted on Friday and I got it on the monday (we don’t have post on weekends in Ireland) so I was amazed! The first thing I loved was the quality of the bracelet – it doesn’t feel like any of my other bracelets but this is something that I could wear all the time without a problem because it’s so light and you wouldn’t even notice it on your wrist! 




Overall I loved this bracelet and I definitely will be ordering stuff of EōN Boútiqūe in the near future for events! Let me know in the comments below if your going to order products of them in the future! 

The Brits 2015 Fashion🎀

Hey guys! As some of you know The Brits was on last night (I know another award show) so I thought I would do a post on the fashion on the red carpet! 

Ellie Goulding 

I honestly love this dress. Ellie has a very elegant look to her anyway but this has just topped her off! I love the floral designs all around the dress especially around her chest area! I just felt like she could of done a bit more then your normal day to day make-up but I love Ellie! 

Little Mix 

I love how all these girls look! They all look so elegant but Jades dress has to be my favourite – I’m big into my red shades so this would go down with me so well! Perri’s dress reminds me of curtains for some reason, I hope her wedding dress is better then this! The other two girls look stunning also! 

Rita Ora 

No matter what awards this woman goes to she looks stunning! She’s one of the idols I look up to every time she goes out onto the red carpet. She went for a more elegant look for the Brits and I love it.  I love the gold colour and the sequence on the dress! 

Taylor Swift & Sam Smith 

Taylor Swift has out done herself in this dress! I love the detail in the back of the dress – big into the detail! It would be the favourite detailed dress of the night but I think someone else could of done the dress more justice! 

Sam Smith has to be one of my favourite artists at the moment and I love the way he didn’t go for the normal suit and tie. I love the blueness of his suit and it suits him! A tie would of helped his outfit a bit! 

Fearne Cotton 

I actually love this dress but this wouldn’t be one of my favourites for a red carpet event nor an award ceremony! Fearne normally has some amazing clothes but this wouldn’t be my cup of tea at all for an event like this since everyone is so elegant for this! 

Holly Will 

I honestly don’t like Holly’s dress at all. She reminds me of a Christmas Tree and in February I don’t want to be reminded of it since it’s months away! She’s my worst dressed of the night! 

Best Dressed Female – Rita Ora!

Best Dressed Male – Sam Smith! 

Let me know in the comments below who would be you’re best and worst dressed of the night! 

Oscars 2015 Fashion!

Hey guys!

As everyone knows, the Oscars was on last night which I couldn’t watch due to being too tired and run down so I thought I would do a blog post on my favourite and least favourite of the fashion tonight!

Anna Kendrick


This has to be one of my favourite dresses from the Oscars this year. I just love the shade of pink and just the whole dress itself. It would be something that I would wear going to a formal event. I loved the way it’s like a chain going around her neck! She would be one of my best dressed ladies of the night!

Josh Hutchinson


Everyone has to love Josh! If you don’t know who he is he’s Peta in the Hunger Games. Josh kept it all natural and swanky tonight ; but I’m not going to lie, he would pull of anything! He was one of the guys from tonight that I couldn’t wait to see. I loved the way he looks so manly but elegant at the same time.

Kelly Osbourne


I actually love this dress. Kelly has kept it so plan but so elegant. My favourite detail on this dress has to be the lace up around her forearm and upper chest – I’m a sucker for lace so this has just made me love the dress. Even tho she looks and is stunning in the dress the only thing is I think she could of gotten a better bag to match the dress but it definitely shows off her personality!

Margot Robbie


I’m not going to lie, I have no clue who she is (whoops). I actually don’t really like her dress. It’s too plain for me and there’s really no detail to it. It just looks like she’s going to a funeral or decided to throw a duvet over here! This wouldn’t be what I would expect to see at the Oscars!

Dakota Johnson


I love her! Dakota has to be one of my favourite people of all time. I love the shade of red on the dress! I’m a big red colour lover so this has just done it for me. It shows of her amazing figure so well too (jealous). I love the way on her left shoulder – the sliver strap is so nice and such an amazing touch! She has to be one of my other best dressed of the night!



Where do I start with this outfit? Because I have no clue. I think I’ve lost faith in Will – I didn’t have much of it before but that’s besides the point. I don’t think he could of dressed more informal than he already did – it’s definitely something that I wouldn’t expect to see at the Oscars and it’s not even the type of glamour that you would normally have. He reminds me of the train conductor in Thomas The Tank Engine – that’s how bad he’s dressed. He would be on the worst dress list of all times for the Oscars!

Jennifer Anniston


I love Jennifer but this dress is doing nothing for her! It’s probably the worst thing that she has worn out for an awards ceremony! It actually looks like a curtain and she could have done so much better! But one amazing thing about her that I have to say is that she never ages and she is just flawless!

Marion Cotillard


Another person that I have no clue who she is but she’s wearing Dior’s new bath mat – well it looks like she is. This dress reminds me of the mat you put down in the bath or shower so that you don’t slip! I honestly don’t know what Dior was thinking or this woman!

Jamie Chung


Apart from this dress looking like fireworks I love it! It’s probably the most detailed dress that was there last night in my opinion! I love the colours in this dress and Jamie just looks stunning; she’s stunning in anything that she wears!

Let me know in the comments below on who you think is the best and worst dressed of the Oscars!


Blogging Do’s and Don’ts 😳

So guys I’ve been asked a few times to do my top do’s and Don’ts so I thought I would do them for today. I hope these help you now or even in the future!

Do’s ✔️

Use Your Own Content and Original Ideas – Because you need to get readers interested in you’re blog and you! we all know that people are going to be reviewing the same or similar products but they should be you’re own views etc! To change things up you can blog about you’re life or other things.

Update Often – if you watch your blog traffic you can notice that you will get more if you post more often, you don’t need to post every day but you should have a schedule to follow.

Keep You’re Blog Clean and Pretty – this will ensure that you’re readers will have an amazing experience on you’re blog and will entice them to come back again.

Networking – this is a great way to grow you’re blog. You should try and connect with other bloggers ~ there are chats on Twitter every night with hashtags like #bdib #fblchat #bbloggers and much more. I will put up an schedule of the chats in the next few days!

Write As A Conversation – If you don’t write as a conversation it’ll be like an essay and people don’t like reading essay. It has to be easy to read and not too long.

Post Vlogs – this is a great way to reach out to you’re readers as they get to know you more and gives them an in site into you’re life and what you do. It also brings traffic from YouTube to your blog.

Don’ts ✖️

Plagiarise – it is definitely not ok to use someone else’s content without asking them or evening giving them credit without asking them. This is illegal and you can get done for it.

Steal Photos – this is the same as the one above. Don’t steal photos without consent.

Leave You’re Link In Comments – it’s okay to leave it at the end of a comment but it definitely shouldn’t be in the top or middle of the comment as it will get marked as spam and it annoys other bloggers.

So I hope these tips have given you an in site on what it is okay to do when blogging and not to do! This will be a series on my blog where I offer advice! Let me know in the comments below on what are you’re Do’s and Don’ts in the blogging world.

Fashion // Golden Globes Fashion 💃

Hey guys! Since it was the Golden Globes last night I thought I would do my favourites and non favourites from last night! I just have to say the fashion last night was very high and very stylish.

Jennifer Anniston


I honestly really didn’t like her dress. It reminds of something that you would wear to a funeral and it was just to safe and wasn’t definitely out there with the others! Black isn’t really a colour of a dress that I would wear. I prefer my light and dark colours. Black and a different colour would be nice but just plain black doesn’t go with me.

Jennifer Lopez


No matter what Jennifer wears she makes it look stunning. I actually am in love with this dress and it’s something that I wouldn’t wear but it’s stunning! She knows what she likes and I swear everyone loves her style including myself. She just seems so elegant but sexy and stylish at the same time!

Emma Stone


Emma Stone has to be my best dressed female at the Golden Globes this year. She is so elegant but she is stunning. Even tho the dress is safe it’s really nice. It’s something that I would wear to a formal event or it’s something that someone could wear o a wedding etc. She has to be the best dressed last night in my opinion.

Channing and Jenna Tatum


These two have to be my Best Dressed Couple from the Golden Globes last night! I am a big fan of Channing and admire him! He has to be one of the men that’s in the acting business that has pure style!

Let me know who was your best dressed and worst dressed in the comments below!