Mothers Day Present Idea’s!

Hey everyone! Since Mothers Day is coming up on the 15th of March 2015 for Europe I Thought I would do a post on the present idea’s that I have found! 

Real Techniques Nic’s Picks Make-Up Brush Set // Everyone know’s I’m a big Real Techniques fan so this would probably be the first brush set that I would buy someone, especially a mum as a present. These retail at €27.99 from


Yankee Candle Celebrations Tumbler Candle // This would be a perfect present for a Mother that loves candles like my mum does! You can never go wrong with Yankee Candles as there the best candles going in the market. This is retailing at €12.99 from


50 Shades of Grey Books // Since these books seem to be a hit with the older generation I think that they would be the perfect gift for a Mother that hasn’t read them before! There are three books! 

Emma Bridgewater Photo Album // This would be a perfect gift even if you filled it up with pictures of you’re family for mum or whatever! These photo albums are so cute and girly. Emma Bridgewater as to be one of my favourite designers out recently! This retails at €22 or €10 depending on what size on Boots 

Spa Voucher // These vouchers seem to go down as a hit so don’t rule it out! Go to you’re local spa or hotel and see if they do any Mothers Day packages! 

Let me know what you will be getting your mother for Mothers Day or what would be on your gift list in the comments below! 

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