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Hey Lovelies! I know I haven’t updated this blog in a while as I’ve been so busy – so many things are happening recently. This is just a little update on what is happening and going on!

ThatSoBekaah Blog // So with this blog I have decided to post 2 times a week with possibly more as I don’t really have any new products as such so I’ll be doing two posts every week from next week. I haven’t decided on the days yet but it will be a week day and then a weekend day!

The Cliques Blog // This is the blog that I’m going to be concentrating on from now on. I’ve just found that it is way easier to do posts for that blog as its everything but beauty and fashion. I will be updating that blog nearly every day! You can follow it on The Cliques Blog !

ThatSoBekaah Youtube Channel // I got some big news on this the other day. I have partnered with AwesomenessTV which is one of the best Youtube channels for people around my age and theirs so many opportunities that I can get from working with them. With that I am uploading every Wednesday and Saturday on ThatSoBekaah so Keep an eye out for them videos!

Nominations // I was nominated for two categories for the Irish Beauty Blog awards which is happening on the 21st of May! I will be attending these awards so I can’t wait to meet everyone there!


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Hey lovelies! It was my brothers conformation yesterday so I thought I would do my first Outfit of The Day & my Face of The Day too! All the information on each will be beneath the pictures! I’ll be doing more of these!

Face Of The Day 

Foundation – MAC Studio Fix Fluid.

Primer – Isa Dora.

Eye Shadow – Naked Basics Palette.

Eye Liner – Inglot Gel Liner.

Blush & Bronzer – Naked Flushed Palette.

Lipstick – Isa Dora.

Outfit Of The Day 

Blazer – Penny’s / Primark €25

Dress – Penny’s / Primark €20.

I’m so sorry about the lack of posts on this page but I have a number of exciting posts coming up! 


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Inglot Event 😍

Hey lovelies! As some of you may know that I went to the Inglot event for the release of they’re new make up bags for MUAs and others!

The event was based in the South Anne Street Store in Dublin, Ireland and began at 6pm and ended at 8pm on Wednesday. As I have three emails I forget to log into my other one and only found the email two hours before the event so I was rushed.

I arrived to the event at 5:58 so I was just on time and I was excited. We went up to the studio first and had a glass of white wine and talked to the Make Up Artists that worked there about the bags. There was so amazing bags that I want but can’t afford at the moment. The new range is probably one of the best that I’ve seen out!

Then we had an amazing contouring demo with the lovely Sarah (I think) and she showed us how to contour really easily & it’s actually helped me so much.

After the demo we got our goodie bags – post up about that soon & I purchased the YSM Foundation and the Gel Eyeliner in Black! I will have a video and posts up about it all!

My Vlog from the event is available here – Inglot Event Vlog and Haul Video is available there. Check them both out as I’ll be doing more videos!

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Blogger Los Angeles Trip {update} ✈️

Hey lovelies! As some of you may know we are currently planning and booking a #bloggerLATrip for Spring Break 2016. 

The trip will be a mixture of relaxing and sight seeing. We are also hoping to get some master classes in with some companies including benefit and Mac over there. 

If you are interested please email me at thatsobekaah@gmail.com and include the following 

  • Name, Age, Location. 
  • Blog URL. 
  • Twitter. 
  • Disabilities or Health Problems. 
  • Any Questions. 

The information that is confirmed is that 

Dates –  3rd March to 17th March 

Price of Hotel – €392 per person for two weeks. 

The hotel is 15 minutes away from Universal, 45 minutes away from the beach and is beside Sunset Blvd. 

Blogger Los Angeles Trip Spring 2016 ✈️

Hey lovelies! 

A number of us have decided to go to Los Angeles to experience Spring Break next year – as it’s the cheaper flight prices and it’s still really hot out in Los Angeles this time of the year! It would be classed as a holiday but people can use the experience to build up contacts and whatever else (I know I will)! 

We are hoping to get either a group of 10 or 14 to go to Los Angeles. You need to be 17+ as we don’t want to end up baby sitting anyone as we want to have fun too! We are planning on going this time next year or in April (spring break dates won’t be out until September) but it gives us enough time to book flights and a hotel/house!  

This will be an amazing experience for anyone that hasn’t been to Los Angeles and even for their blog as its a great place for contacts & what not! 

We will give you the people’s details that are near you and you can book your flights together so you don’t have to do the 20 hour flight alone!

If you are interested in going please email me @ thatsobekaah@gmail.com with the following 

  • Name, Age and Location. 
  • Have you been abroad before?
  • Blog URL. 
  • Twitter account. 
  • Health problems or Disabilities. 
  • Whatever else you think we need to know. 
  • Questions are welcome. 

This trip will be one of the best if you make the most out of it! 

Top Things To Do In Dublin For Patrick’s Day 🍀

Hey lovelies! As most of you might know on Tuesday its St.Patricks Day which is an Irish Holiday but is celebrated all around the world! I thought I would do a post for my Irish readers on things to do in Dublin for it! 

Saint Patrick’s Festival Parade 

The theme for this years parade is Celebrate Now! This parade runs every year in the city centre and it always brings an amazing feeling to Dublin. The parade begins on Parnell Square, then continues into O’Connell Street, O’Connell Bridge, Westmoreland Street and then winds down onto Dame Street, Lord Edward Street and finishes along Patricks Street. This is a free event but grandstand tickets are €60 each! Everything kicks off at 12:00pm but if you are going to see everything we would advise you to go early! 

All of the information can be found on St.Patricks Festival about the event! 

Fun Fairs

These fun fairs is a happen every single year in a number of different places around the city and are perfect for the teens and adults going to the festivals! All the prices vary per ride as normal fun fairs do! 

Merrion Square – Saturday 14th March to Tuesday 17th March at 11am to 9pm. 

Custom House – Saturday 14th March at 11am to 10pm. Sunday 15th March to Tuesday 17th Match at 11am to 8pm. 

Irish Beer & Whiskey Festival 

This is the fourth year that this event has been happening so it’s been quiet popular over here! This is a true celebration of the Irish ~ there will be beer, cider, whiskey, food and entertainment! This festival is indoors so the weather won’t be affecting it at all.  This is €10 entry per person but you get entry,  a souvenir glass and a free half pint! 

Dates – Friday 13th March at 5pm to 12:30am. 14th March to 17th March at 12.30pm to 12:30am. 

All of the information for these events are available on St Patricks with so many other events over the festival! 

Let me know in the comments below what you are doing for Patricks Day! 

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Brands To Visit At The Irish Beauty Show 💄

Hey lovelies! 

As some of you might know that the Irish Beauty Show is on this coming Sunday and Monday in the RDS in Dublin, Ireland. I will be attending on the Sunday and I cannot wait. This post is just to show you who would be my top brands at this event to visit! 

AYU Make Up

AYU Make Up is a company run by Suzie O’Neil and her sister Laura Maher. They sell top make up brushes and palettes for everyone. All of their brushes have amazing quality with a non expensive price! You should definitely check this brand out at the show! 

Baby Doll Cosmetics 

This is a brand that I’ve only found recently myself. They do Tan, EyeLashes and Fake Nails. I am currently using their tan on myself and it’s amazing! I would recommend it to anyone! This brand would be another brand that you have to go and check out. They are one of the cheaper tans but are amazing – couldn’t fault them in any way at all. 

Blank Canvas Cosmetics 

This company has to be a big company that I have to go and see myself. Blank Canvas has been a company that I’ve been looking to check out for the past month. This company also do brushes and palettes for an affordable price! 


Fuschia is a big Irish brand that I would love to check out and everyone should to support the Irish companies! There’s no where near me that stocks Fuschia so I cannot wait to see what they have to offer completely! 

Nima Brushes 

Nima Brushes is another brush brand that you have to check out because they are amazing and I absolutely love this brand without a doubt! 

Benefit Cosmetics 

Benefit Cosmetics are obviously a big known brand in the cosmetics world so they have to be checked out no matter what. They will have plenty of offers and discounted prices so don’t forget to go and check their stand. 

Let me know if you are going to the Beauty Show on Sunday and who you can’t wait to see! 

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